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Upcoming Events at a glance:

Parents are welcome at most Friday assemblies - these are usually Celebration assemblies (focussing on good learning), OR class assemblies. 


Autumn 2017 

4th September: INSET Day

5th September: Back to School; Year R home visits this week

11th September: Year R home visits

12th September: Year R home visits

13th September: Year R start full time

18th September: Year 5 & 6 Meet & Greet at 2.15pm

20th Septemner: Year 1 & 2 Meet & Greet at 9.00am

21st September: Year 3 & 4 Meet & Greet at 9.00am

28th September: Explorer Dome in for Year 5 and 6

29th September: Games Evening (PTA): Year R Tapestry Parent Meetings at 9am and 4pm

2nd October: Year 4 residential Parents' Meetin at 5pm

6th October: Puffin class assembly

12th October: Halloween DISCO (PTA)

16th October: September 2018 Year R tour for prospective parents at 9.15 to 10.15am; Olympians in school this week with Year 5/6

20th October: Last Day Before Half Term; Turtle class assembly

30th October: INSET Day

31st October: Back to School

1st November: Parents' Evening

3rd November: Starfish trip to 'When I grow up' role play activity centre

6th November: Winchester Science Centre Trip - Year 2; Seahorse trip to 'When I grow up' role play activity centre

7th November: Individual class photos

10th November: Year R Phonics and Reading Parents' Meetings at 9.30am and 3.30pm

16th November: Starfish class visit to Bridgemary library

17th November: Seahorse class visit to Bridgemary library

1st December: Penguin class assembly

6th December: Jack and the Beanstalk pantomime

7th December: PTA Christmas Shop

14th December: Christmas DISCO (PTA)

19th December: Christmas Dinner; Listen 2 Me Concert 2.30pm

21st December: KS2 Christmas Singalongs 9am and 2.15pm; Last Day Before End of Term


Spring 2018

4th January: INSET Day

5th January: INSET Day

6th January: Back to School

18th January: Year 3 Children's Concert

22nd January: Year 4 Residential to Fairthorne Manor

5th February: Olympians in school this week with Year 3/4

9th February: Last Day Before Half Term; Clownfish class assembly

19th February: Back to School

9th March: Angelfish class assembly

26th March: Class photos

29th March: Last Day Before End of Term



Summer 2018

16th April: Back to School

27th April: Pelican class assembly

7th May: School Closed Bank Holiday

21st May: Olympians in school this week with Year 1/2

25th May: Last Day Before Half Term; Sea Otter class assembly

4th June: Back to School

15th June: Starfish/Seahorse class assembly

11th July: Parents' Evening

20th July: Last Day Before End of Term; End of year leavers (Dolphin/Orca classes) assembly

23rd July: INSET Day


Autumn 2018 

3rd September: Back to School

19th October: Last day before half term

29th October: Back to school

21st Dcember: Last day before Christmas holiday


Spring 2019 

7th January: Back to school

15th February: Last day before half term

25th February: Back to school

5th April: Last day before Easter holiday


Summer 2019

23rd April: Back to school

6th May: School closed for May Day

24th May: Last day before half term

3rd June: Back to school

23rd July: Last day before Summer holiday