Welcome to Holbrook Primary School - KS1 Nativity to parents on 13th December at 2.00pm - KS1 Nativity to parents (adults only) on 14th December at 9.30am - Christmas DISCOS on 14th December - Talent Show 15th December 9 to 10 (parents of performing children only) - Parents in to view Y6 art gallery/clay day in the afternoon of 15th December - KS2 Christmas Sing-a-Long on 21st December at 9.00am and 2.15pm - Last Day of Term on 21st December - Christmas Holiday 22nd December to 3rd January 2018 inclusive - INSET Days on 4th and 5th January 2018 - Back to school Monday 8th January 2018 - Year 3 Children's Concert in Southampton 18th January 2018 - Year 4 residential to Fairthorne from 22nd to 26th January 2018 - Olympians Week for Year 3 and 4 starting 5th February 2018 - Clownfish Assembly 9th February 2018 - Half Term from 12th February to 16th February inclusive - Back to School 19th February 2018 - Angelfish Assembly 9th March 2018 - Class Photos on 26th March 2018 - Last day of Term on 29th March 2018 - Easter Holidays from 30th March to 13th April inclusive - Back to School Monday 16th April 2018

Our lovely school continues to flourish and the children are happy, motivated and enjoy learning.  We pride ourselves on giving the children in our care, experiences beyond the classroom whenever possible too.  Mrs Tracy Potter, our Executive Headteacher who reigns over both Bedenham and Holbrook Primary Schools, or Mrs Zoe Dudley our Head of School, will be happy to show you around.  We hope our website gives you a good impression and supports our 'whatever it takes' attitude.